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Vini Italiani da Sogno is a small winery with a big goal: the production of high quality wines exclusively aimed at Brunello di Montalcino and Rosso di Montalcino.

The winery, born in 2000, is led by the young and passionate Stephania Angel Poveda, sommelier AIS with multiple international experiences. Stephania, including through the mother's competence, Jeanneth Angel, Master of Wine, strongly wanted to create these new brands Carillion and Second Star to the Right, well aware that quality is and will be the cornerstone of its commitment to a business successful..


The grapes are carefully selected and left to soak slowly for about 30 days. The wine is immediately put in wood barrels of medium sized from 20 to 40 hl (for part of the only Brunello are also used barriques),  according to the old tradition.
This enables a deep extraction of tannins. It isn't practically used yeast. Finally, after aging in barrels (more than three years for brunelo and about a year for red), the wine is left to mature in the bottle (over a year for brunello and six months for red).

The production is done in the continuous effort to get the best product possible.


The vineyards are mainly located south of Montalcino in an area full of minerality, extending for about 15 ha at an altitude of about 350 m above sea level. Annually they are only fertilized with organic products and also care parasite is limited to a minimum. It makes a very strong pruning to get an exceptional percentage of polyphenols and particularly high gradation.


Excellent grapes produce wines appreciated all over the world. We mainly export to the United States of America, Canada, Puerto Rico, Russia, China, Japan, Thailand and Singapore, while in Europe our main markets are Belgium, Denmark, England, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and France.

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